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  • What we want is not God. We don’t want God, we don’t want to be reconciled to our creator. You know what we want? We want to be personally happy. That’s what we want. So we’ll go, “Okay, can God make me personally happy? Because if God can make me personally happy then I’ll take God.”

    But you don’t want God. You want to be personally happy.

    "Can God make me materially wealthy? Like if I give my life to Jesus do I get to be materially wealthy?"

    So you don’t want God, you don’t want Christ, you aren’t in awe of the glory and grandeur of God. You just want money.

    —    Matt ChandlerGrace Made Visible (via livingleft)

    (via worshipgifs)

    “ Have you ever been told you’re “Too Much”? Too intense, too emotional, too personal, too wild, weird, crazy, sensitive, insatiable, not enough of one thing & too much of everything?… Good! Your too-muchness is exactly the kick the world needs to wake the hell up and be more than a shadow of better times. So don’t silence your excesses, don’t try to become less in order to fit in with the dead. Your creation will be richer, your art will have more heart, your story, more epic, thanks to your intensity. ”

    —    Andrea Balt (via venuschild)

    I love this!!!

    (via daughterofdiaspora)

    “ would
    you still want to travel to
    you could not take a camera with you. ”


    a question of appropriation, nayyirah waheed (via beautiful-ambition)

    wow this is so real…..do you do things for yourself or to let others witness you doing it?

    (Source: nayyirahwaheed, via lovepassiton)

    i’m a homebody who loves her solitude, but sometimes too much preservation can be unhealthy. especially for someone like me who is in her head so much.

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