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  • Lessons 2014 has taught me so far:

    1. Soft can be strong, there is strength in fragility.
    2. Resilience is measured by your ability to navigate through chaos.
    3. Don’t take anything personal everyone is on their own pursuit of happiness.
    4. Introversion is a superpower.
    5. The heart and mind will always have conflicting agendas
    6. No matter what age you are you’ll never truly have life figured out, enjoy it.
    7. Insecurities manifest as pride.
    8. Friends are valuable they will remind you who you were, are, and can be.
    9. Most promises have an expiration date but true loyalty goes beyond the duration of any relationship.
    10. Activism is in loving others, but loving yourself is revolutionary.
    11. God can heal you in areas you never knew had been broken.